Environmental Services

If you are seeking superior environmental solutions on short notice Lentzcaping’s seasoned team specializes in emergency response and solving unforeseen challenges in a timely fashion. You can depend on our proficient team to be there when you need us. Lentzcaping specializes in environmental and efficiency solutions.

We have many years of experience installing permanent and temporary access roads as well as bridging options. Our knowledge and resources enable us to install surfaces in any location. Our environmental matting provides access to areas where temporary roads cannot be constructed.

Our agents will work very closely with you project planners, managers, or environmental departments to ensure all safety, material, and conservation standards are met or exceeded. Our experience working with erosion and sediment plan specifications allows us to make accurate installation of any E&S controls required for your environmentally sensitive projects.

Culvert Installation and Repair

photo 1 (4)A culvert allows water to flow under a road, pass way or trail. Our crews can repair culverts that have been damaged by erosion, as well as install new corrugated metal, concrete and plastic culverts.

Lentzcaping considers the subtleties of a stream’s current before installing. After determining the appropriate size needed by taking measurements from the streams cross section, and also considering the seasonal change of water flow to protect the culverts strength over time; our designers next determine the position that will correctly allow water to pass through roadways and prevent erosion damage. Water is at its highest volume during the spring when runoff can erode soil and cause the culverts to fail. By considering seasonal water fluctuation, Lentzcaping can prevent failure of our installed culverts. We can also repair culverts that were installed without consideration of position and seasonal ebb and flow. The corrugated material we use will provide greater strength-to-weight ratio than a smooth pipe. This helps support the weight of vehicles, while mimicking the roughness of a natural stream bottom, which slows the speed of flowing water.

Environmentally Correct Disposal and Recycling Services

Lentzcaping can handle removing debris from jobsites, and can properly dispose of the waste by hauling it to designated recycling2 Boat on RW 4-9-13 centers and disposing of the refuse in a safe manner.

  • Dumpster Service
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Tires
  • Natural Vegetation

Environmental Matting

Cromby 2“Our mats won’t leave you with a bad impression!”

 Environmental Matting provides access to areas that are not conducive to permanent or temporary stone roads. Our mats will protect the ground and provide a reliable access road for equipment and personnel. Our access mats allow heavy equipment to operate on unstable, sandy or spongy terrain. The mats protect the landscape where they are laid, and natural grasses can replenish while the mats are still in place. Our mats allow jobs to stay on task no matter the weather and provide a secure work environment. Mats aid in the post-construction restoration process by preserving the jobsite and eliminating damage from heavy vehicles.

Common Applications for Access Matting:

  • Utility right of way
  • Protected wetlands, swamps, marshlands, and forests
  • Beaches
  • Temporary roads,
  • Construction sites,
  • Natural gas pipelines
  • Temporary bridges
  • Landfills
  • Jobsite access for heavy vehicles, cranes and equipment

Erosion and Sedimentation Controls

Silt Soxx 4 (1)When your jobsite requires E&S controls, Lentzcaping has the means to keep soil on a construction site and prevent it from running off into local watersheds. Erosion runoff from construction sites is a major cause of water pollution. Our crews are experienced in supplying, staging, and installing or removing a wide range of erosion and sedimentation controls. Our team will work closely with your project planners and managers when working under the guides of environmental permits. We have the knowledge and equipment to offer wetland maintenance and repairs as well as drainage solutions and construction.

Examples of Erosion and Sedimentation Controls and Barriers

Hydro-seeding: A planting process using a seed and mulch slurry that is a soil stabilizer sprayed on prepared grounds. By re-establishing cover on exposed ground, Hydro-seeding helps prevent soil erosion on hillsides and sloped areas. This type of planting is also useful for fast planting over large areas.                        

Silt Sock: This Compost Filter Sock is designed to trap silt and sediment in an effort to prevent sediment and silt from leaving the site and entering and polluting surrounding bodies of water. Silt sock traps gravel and sediment while allowing water to filter and pass through. Silt Sock can be used in a variety of storm water management applications.                                                                 

Silt Fence or Filter Fence: Constructions sites disturb the earth causing loose soil to infiltrate nearby bodies of water. Silt fences temporarily maintain sediment during construction and excavation activity to protect the quality of water in nearby watersheds.

Straw Mulching, Straw Bales, and Straw Matting: Erosion control blankets are used to slow down the speed at which water moves across a surface. Straw mulching is applied to protect newly planted seeds; the mulching keeps the seeds moist and prevents the seed from washing away. Straw bales can be used to slow rainwater and catch mud and runoff pollutants when the bales are staked to the ground end-to-end in a tight row, with no spaces between them. Straw matting is used to strengthen soil by giving plants more opportunity to take root. Erosion control mats inhibit erosion on banks, slopes, hillsides, roads and waterways.

Drainage Swales: manage water runoff as well as filter pollutants, and boost infiltration. Runoff is slowed, captured or diverted and spread horizontally to aid rainwater infiltration into the surrounding soil.

Conveyance Channels: Storm water conveyance channels are man-made waterways or ditches lined with vegetation or rock used to safely redirect water.   

Riprap: Graded limestone or granite strategically placed to slow down water flow and inhibit erosion at any waterway or water containment area where there is potential for soil erosion.

Erosion and Sediment Inspections

Our expert crews can evaluate and oversee active construction sites for proper grading and sediment and erosion control compliance, and investigate problems with drainage caused by construction. After inspection we can offer solutions to bring your site to compliance.

Soil Stabilization

Increase the strength of the soil, while enhancing soil properties on your utility property or commercial jobsite. Soil Stabilization decreases dust, and prevents erosion with our soil stabilizing techniques. Results will improve the load bearing capacity of a sub-grade to better support hardscaping and prevent erosion onsite.

Stone Access Roads for Maintenance, Inspections, and Security Access

We can plan and build any stone access road to meet your specifications or required needs. We can provide a variety of underlay Geotextile products for heavy truck access stability and safety. Stone access roads, either permanent or temporary, can be installed safely, efficiently, and cost effectively with our experienced crews. We can also provide a variety of security barriers to fit the location environment of your right-of-ways.

Temporary Bridges

Truck on Temporary Bridge (1)Our company offers a variety of bridging options.  Our temporary bridges can be installed to provide access to weight restricted bridges allowing for safe passage of heavy vehicles and equipment.  Working in conjunction with our clients’ environmental departments, Lentzcaping can create solutions to any restricted or crossing issue that may occur on your project.  Our knowledge and experience allows us to be flexible enough to provide a solution for any obstacles encountered with little to no disturbance or impact to the natural habitat.

Lentzcaping Bridges:

  • 30 foot steel bridge with 40 ton weight capacity
  • 30 foot wood forestry bridge with 40 ton weight capacity
  • 40 foot wood forestry bridge with 40 ton weight capacity