Net Positive Water presentation by Fred Pape

On Wednesday July 29th, Al Lentz and I travelled into downtown Philadelphia to the center for architecture.  We were there to attend the Net Positive Water presentation put on by the Philadelphia Living Building Challenge Collaborative.  There were four primary speakers discussing everything from creative green stormwater infrastructure to regulations to case studies to composting toilets.  The speakers were all engaging and informative.  One topic of specific interest was Jose Alminana’s presentation on the Phipps Conservatory.  Jose is a principal at Andropogon.  I was very involved with the design and construction of the stormwater component at the Phipps project.  I was able to catch up with him after the presentation and it sounds like everything is working very well and they have been able to cut way down on their dependence on municipal water.  Our customer, Alden Zove from Cedar Run Landscapes was also a presenter.  He focused more on the residential side of things and covered a wide range of projects.  Jeremy Chadwick from the Philadelphia Water Department was also there to discuss current regulations, programs, and tools that they are implementing.  Overall it was a great evening of presentations and networking.