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Our Team

Christen Lentz - President

Christen Daniele Lentz married Al in 1993 and quickly became part of the growing company. Unable to be in the office on a daily basis, she was a sounding board for the business and helped make vital decisions.

Christen learned quickly how the business was run. As the company grew, she saw great potential in Lentzcaping, Inc. In March of 2011, Lentzcaping realized the increased need for her daily participation and presence in the office and Christen was named President. As president, Christen obtained WBENC certification for Lentzcaping and the company officially became a nationally recognized woman owned and operated enterprise.

The business has expanded into a multi-faceted, full service residential and commercial landscape company. Lentzcaping assists utility companies, offering a wide range of services, including Green Infrastructure, Environmental Matting, and Vehicle Access Solutions. Christen continues to grow with Lentzcaping, Inc., and recognizes the company’s position at the leading edge of sustainable solutions for businesses in the greater Philadelphia and area and beyond.

Al Lentz - Vice President

Al Lentz, is the third generation in his family to make landscaping his lifelong profession. Al’s Grandfather, Giuseppe Serogo came over from Italy in 1910, when he was just 12 years old. With a pair of hand clippers and a mechanical mower, Giuseppe started Serogo Landscaping.

Al’s Uncle Tony took over the family business for his father. He was pulled out of the 8th grade to work for Serogo Landscaping. Tony, always youthful and a hard worker ran the business until he was 81 years old. Al started working for his uncle at the age of 15 as a freshman at Archbishop Wood High School in the summer of 1977. It didn’t matter how many hours he and his friends worked, at the end of the week, they were given a $100 dollar bill! It was always a fun job and Al enjoyed working alongside many of his friends over the years. In Al’s family, if they weren’t yelling at you, they didn’t like you! This tough love formed the strong will Al has to help run an enduring business.

Al left the family business to pursue higher education in 1982 and attended Kutztown University, majoring in Business Management. After college, Al followed in the hard-working footsteps of his

Grandfather, Giuseppe and his Uncle Tony and founded Lentzcaping in 1988.

Al enjoys the physical work and the process of growing a business. He loves the challenge of working outside of his comfort zone and learning from the experience. Through his career, he has met

exceptional people and Lentzcaping has taken him places he may have never seen. To Al, the best thing about Lentzcaping is the journey that continues to reach new heights to this day.

John McFadden - Chief Operating Officer

John McFadden serves as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Lentzcaping, Inc. John joined Lentzcaping in February of 2013. Prior to joining Lentzcaping, John was employed at the McGraw-Hill Companies for twenty-five years. John served as Director of Global Circulation operations for The McGraw-Hill Companies which included products servicing the Aviation, Business and Construction (ENR & The McGraw-Hill Construction Division) markets. John is responsible for the day to day operations, business development and future strategy of Lentzcaping’s company expansion. John recognizes that Lentzcaping’s focus must continue on “serving our current clients as well as generating new business partners everyday”.

John is very enthusiastic about the opportunities that Lentzcaping has for the future. Lentzcaping has partnered itself with many of the leading Electrical Construction Companies servicing the Utility industry and is excited about the future opportunities. John states, “I look forward to coming to work each day knowing that a new challenge and opportunity will be waiting to grow the company”. John’s vision, leadership and dedication to success will play an important role in Lentzcaping’s future. John is a graduate of Delaware Valley College. John maintains a very active role in the community.