Construction Services

Lentzcaping can assist in all aspects of infrastructure, planning and physical developments on construction job sites. We specialize in environmental and efficiency solutions and can handle a wide range of utility and construction projects. Our staff is educated and trained in the proper utilization of all equipment and materials required to perform any project we are tasked. Onsite safety and integrity of our employees is our top priority.

Asphalt Installation and Repair

Asphalt pavements fail due to poor edging, insufficient draining, or a scarce gravel base. Whether it’s from driveways or parking lots, we can design or repair your asphalt surface in a timely and efficient manner. Our work ensures smooth, level, and safe ground for transportation for years to come.

Concrete Installation and Repair

Concrete can be a major contributor to both curb appeal and public safety at a building site. As a construction material, with proper application and regular maintained, concrete offers outstanding durability and longevity. As concrete ages, cracks and holes may form in its surface. Ongoing maintenance is important – if water is allowed to enter these openings it can cause more extensive and costly damage to the under laying substrate. Our team of specialists removes and replaces the deteriorated areas on the site or we can design a new concrete area at your building or site.

Concrete Pads

Lentzcaping can properly install concrete slabs for driveways, sidewalks, or bases for transformers, sheds or equipment, and any other applications where concrete slabs are needed. Custom sizes are available.

Sidewalk Installation and Repair

Over time, sidewalks can shift, crack, and even collapse for a variety of reasons. Harsh weather conditions, tree roots, and improper initial installation can cause a walking hazard for pedestrians. Our team of experts can design and install a new sidewalk or we can provide patchwork services on your existing walkway to prevent any tripping hazards.

Foundation Work

A proper foundation is the backbone of a construction site or utility project. Improperly cured concrete, water, or roots can damage foundations. Our experts have the experience to build or repair all types and varieties of foundations, whether it is for a transformer, or a building or a base for equipment, we have the means to devise the perfect foundation for your purpose.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall in simple terms is a barrier that holds back earth or water. At Lentzcaping we can construct a retaining wall for beautification purposes or to withstand the lateral pressure of soil from changes in ground elevation. Walls are designed to retain soil on unnatural slopes, and bind soils between different elevations, while creating an aesthetic border for a business or property. Our talented masons are proficient in constructing retention walls with simple block as well as providing designs with intricate custom cuts. We offer an assortment of patterns from which to choose and our wide range of wall materials presents options for every budget.

Site Work

Lentzcaping can handle all aspects of construction site preparation including grading and rough grading, excavation, and land clearing. We can also add landscaping, final grading, and all varieties of hardscape installation, as well as install rainwater harvesting systems and establishing drainage and infiltration solutions to the site.

Steel Storage Building Construction

For your onsite storage needs, Lentzcaping can provide custom construction of steel storage buildings. Here is a list of benefits of choosing steel buildings: