Vegetation Management

Lentzcaping USD provides a wide range of intergraded vegetation management services to utility, state, municipal and corporate customers. Our services encompass tree and shrub maintenance and removal, forestry and brush mowing, hydro-seeding, and herbicide applications.

Forestry Mowing

Lentzcaping offers a cost effective and environmentally conscious way of controlling and removing unwanted trees, brush, and vegetation with our Forestry mowing service. As opposed to land clearing by bulldozing, forestry mowers generate mulch rich in nutrients. Mowing eliminates the need to remove large amounts of debris left over from excavation. Forestry mowing does not disturb the roots of larger trees, but instead aids in runoff and erosion prevention. Our service saves time by cutting out the steps of hand cutting, stacking, and removing refuse. A forestry mower can do all of this is one step. Herbicide applications can be applied after mowing is completed to prevent regrowth.

Herbicide Vegetation Management

When vegetation interferes with the regeneration of forests, and dominates roadsides and jobsites, Lentzcaping is licensed to provide herbicide control of vegetation. An experienced technician can use herbicides to target varieties of unwanted grasses, weeds and trees whereby keeping the surrounding wanted vegetation safe.


A planting process using a seed and mulch slurry that is a soil stabilizer sprayed on prepared grounds. By re-establishing cover on exposed ground, Hydro-seeding helps prevent soil erosion on hillsides and sloped areas. This type of planting is also useful for fast planting over large areas.

Industrial Weed Control

Lentzcaping Vegetation Management services can control overgrown areas virtually anywhere. To maintain visibility, site security and to prevent fires and for structural integrity, we can customize a plan to aggressively control weeds and overgrowth. Lentzcaping’s experienced vegetation management team utilizes a range of treatments designed to minimize environmental impact by customizing an appropriate application of herbicides with the best timing of application. We can control trees, shrubs, and broadleaf weeds while leaving grass on desired areas such as steep slopes.

Land Clearing

At Lentzcaping we have the experience and equipment to clear the roughest and densest terrain. Our site clearing will leave you ready for the next stage of construction. Our employees are continually trained in safety procedures and accident prevention. We are committed to using techniques that comply with the environmental standards and regulations of each and every jobsite. Our team will prepare your site for immediate use on your next stage of construction. We can remove all debris and haul it to the appropriate recycling and disposal center, including hazardous waste that must be cleared. We can also demolish on site and un-needed buildings and sort for recycling.

Roadside Vegetation Management

To ensure visibility and safety while you’re on the road, we control and maintain plant growth that creeps into your line of site. These plants, with proper management, will not require as much maintenance and will reduce costs over time.

Commercial Shrub and Tree Installation and Maintenance

Lentzcaping’s experienced team can install virtually any tree or shrub. Our expertise and skill in proper planting provides our customers with a complete solution when redesigning their surrounding landscape. The excellent service and professionalism of our experienced team is evident with every installation. Crews are well-versed in the array of challenges involved with tree and shrub installation and we have the resources and equipment to provide the optimum result at each unique planting site. Our staff is familiar with the appropriate timing for planting. Ideal timing allows for better growth and longevity for specific types of vegetation. We educate clients on which plants will work the best with the surrounding environment. We will analyze the area to be planted and make sure that it has the correct drainage for the selected plants and adjust accordingly. To enhance growth, we also follow up our installations with proper fertilization.

Stump Grinding

After the tree removal process the leftover stumps can be very difficult to extract, and if the tree is deciduous there is a chance it will grow back. We uproot the remaining pieces of the tree or stump, which is then broken down for debris removal.