Green Infrastructure

On the jobsite, we are committed to reducing water pollution and the disturbance of the surrounding environment. At Lentzcaping our team provides solutions to storm water runoff and subsequent erosion after storms. By helping the EPA’s goal to “slow it down, spread it out, [and] soak it in” we are protecting the surrounding bodies of water from pollution from water runoff.

Environmental mats can be delivered and installed to cover and protect the ground from machinery and vehicles that can damage precious habitats and the nature that rely on their surroundings to continue and thrive.

Our Green infrastructure services aid in the protection of our wooded areas, fields, and suburban and urban neighborhoods by reducing floods, protecting nature, and contributing to cleaner air and water.

Environmental Matting

“Our mats won’t leave you with a bad impression!”

Environmental Matting provides access to areas that are not conducive to permanent or temporary stone roads. Our mats will protect the ground and provide a reliable access road for equipment and personnel. Our access mats allow heavy equipment to operate on unstable, sandy or spongy terrain. The mats protect the landscape where they are laid, and natural grasses can replenish while the mats are still in place. Our mats allow jobs to stay on task no matter the weather and provide a secure work environment. Mats aid in the post-construction restoration process by preserving the jobsite and eliminating damage from heavy vehicles.

Common Applications for Access Matting:

Creative Storm Water Management

Within the Neshaminy Watershed, it is required to infiltrate water runoff onsite. Local, state, and federal laws are frequently changing in the midst of an ever evolving regulatory system. Lentzcaping has a host of cost effective strategies to alleviate post-construction runoff or capture water onsite. When building a storm water mitigation plan, our experienced team works locally and across the county to help project managers obtain the necessary permits within their township, county or state. Impervious services that are often in place on jobsites carry the most runoff. Our storm water and infiltration strategies meet the EPA’s goal to “slow it down, spread it out, {and} soak it in.” Here are a few ways Lentzcaping can lesson runoff:

Rainwater Harvesting

Collect →Reuse→ Recycle

By definition rainwater harvesting is simply the act of catching, storing and reusing rainwater. Our underground capturing systems will help protect local watersheds and sustain the health of the surrounding environment. By capturing and storing rainwater, the process will allow you to irrigate your property with recycled water even when localities enforce water restrictions. Lentzcaping rainwater harvesting systems are compliant with the Pennsylvania EPA’s Chapter of 102 BMP Regulatory Requirements. The Neshaminy Watershed’s requirement is to take care of the first inch of runoff from rainstorms. Not only do Lentzcaping systems bring your property into compliance, but they also are not an eyesore like traditional cisterns. Our RainXchange™ systems are built underground with an attractive water feature on the surface.

Here are some facts about harvesting the natural resource of rainwater:

Sustainable Truck Wash

Why truck in water, and haul it back out again when you can use your own water onsite, harvested from Mother Nature’s number one resource – rain! We used our rainwater harvesting experience and technology to design and construct the Lentzcaping onsite truck wash. The water used comes from our warehouse roof and is stored underground. We have put our truck wash to good use; tested by all of our heavily used vehicles and equipment. Call us today to schedule a demonstration for yourself or for your company, school or church group, 215-343-6041.