Storm Work Services

Quick response time and our expertise on handling a wide variety of storms, makes Lentzcaping stand apart from the competition. Our trained teams will lend a hand cleaning up after a storm. Our services range from lessoning damage before storms arrives to cleaning up after bad weather strikes.

Debris Removal

In a matter of seconds, storms can wreak havoc on utility and commercial properties. Lentzcaping can remove storm debris from your site. We also offer dumpsters for longer clean up projects.

Emergency Storm Work

Through rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind and ice, we are here for you! Our seasoned crews have years of experience dealing with all types of storms throughout the year. We excel over our competition with our quick response time, safety plans, and experience. We can handle post storm inspection, debris removal, offer prevention measures, and repair all types of storm damage.


In order to preserve the worksite as well as provide erosion and sediment control, we strategically line the project area with sandbags and silt sock. The process keeps the project area unharmed from flooding or any other change in the land from the weather.

Wire Watching

Lentzcaping offers wire watching to cover for Utility Companies with limited crews during severe weather. Our team members can stand watch over downed wires and keep pedestrians and citizens safe, making sure they stay clear of areas with downed electrical lines.

Post Storm Damage Inspection

Lentzcaping trained representatives can inspect and evaluate job sites and commercial properties for damage after weather events and provide clean-up and workable solutions. Specializing in emergency services, our crews can provide quick and efficient repairs of roads, and assist in cleaning up and hauling away felled trees. We also can inspect and repair damages from storm water run-off and erosion. The Lentzcaping team can dispatch plowing crews during and after snow events. For future planning, we can recommend strategies to avoid loss from unforeseen catastrophes.

We can provide assistance in the event of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and floods and offer support from damage after ice, wind, hail and snow storms.